Silver: Dry Kindling Awaiting A Spark

* Silver prices "look ahead" - Silver anticipated QE2, which was in part responsible for causing it to surge from the $26 level to almost $50 the ounce.

* The 'Grexit' issue remains unresolved - with other wannabe' countries waiting in the wings to air their insoluble financial concerns to the ECB.

* The "Dollar flight to safety" is merely a stop - on the way towards a flight from the dollar. The Exeter inverted financial Pyramid demonstrates that the next and last financial instrument rotation of this cycle will be into precious metals.

*1980 was a "limited in scope" precious metals' bull market. This time around, it will be a global phenomenon, with literally billions of new players/gamblers - all able to trade metals' ETFs and mining stocks at the touch of a mouse - accessing instantaneous communications across the world in markets that never sleep - a run that could end up being one for the record books.

* Alternate and Social Media bring increasing clarity - to what has long been an opaque trading process involving derivatives, re-hypothecation, High-Frequency Trading, central bank manipulation, pricing collusion, and more.

Don't expect your bank to "ring a bell" at the next financial crisis. Even as the Greek financial "disease" heads toward our shores, U.S. banks have placed agreement language into your accounts, restrictions on cash withdrawals, "bail-in" terms which would force you to help pay for their mismanagement with a "hair cut", ATM limits, and deposit box access restrictions - as well as what you can keep in it.

Stu Thomson understands what  motivates "the government" and how they regard gold.  Hint: It's not  what's in your best interest.  He writes:

"In the fear trade, gold functions as an alarm. More importantly, if used as money, even in a limited way, it functions to limit government power from growing. That's why governments hate gold more than they hate anything else; it stops their insatiable lust to grow bigger. Obviously, as the debt crisis arrives in America and other Western countries, YOU don't want to be standing outside an ATM machine for hours every day, like everyone else will be doing. Hold some cash, some gold, some physical stock certs and book-entry stock certs, some bitcoin, and keep a rotating supply of things like powdered milk, water, vitamins, and a generator. American G-men are less likely than Greek G-men to give US citizens any advance notice of bank closures. Keep that in mind."

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