WallStreetBets Versus The Crackdown

Bear in mind that we used a thousand shares as an example there; the same approach would have worked for larger positions. You'd just add more zeros in the "shares owned" field, and you'd get more zeroes in your net credit. A 10,000 share position in NOK collared that way would have yielded a net credit of $1,000, and so on. 

Heads You Win, Tails You Don't Lose Too Much

Your best case scenario here is a double in your NOK shares in less than a month, plus you keep that ~2% of position value in the credit. Your worst case scenario is a loss of 25%. Heads you win, tails you don't lose too much. Be sure to scan for an updated optimal collar for NOK before placing any trades. Also, remember that we're describing a collar, where you own the underlying shares. We are emphatically not suggesting you write naked calls on this or any other security

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Texan Hunter 2 months ago Member's comment

You are not victims when you crash the market and screw the poor and middle class and illegally collude to move a stock up. Now you are just as bad as the hedges.