More On The Eviction Crisis, Bad Ideas In Congress, Assessing The Blame

What Needs to Happen

The Supreme Court needs to kill the moratoriums totally unless and until Congress guarantees back pay, preferably with interest, to any landlord unable to evict. 

Unfortunately, it appears nothing will be done correctly until people hit the streets. 

Blame Pelosi, Biden, States

Pelosi and Biden want to shift the blame on Republicans. But it is states' inaction led by a big fat zero in New York that is the problem. 

Calling Congress back in session is a losing idea. No Republicans would vote for it, nor should they. 

How Many Are Behind in Rent? 

Rent Payment Status 2021-07-28

The Census department says 7.4 million people are not current on rent. The lead chart shows 12.7 million people fear eviction.

Those numbers are hugely understated because there were 72.2 million who did not report to tenure and only 50.9 million who did.

I had a phone conversation with the Census Department and they agreed the numbers are too low.

Evictions Start With Nancy Pelosi and the House on a 7-Week Break

For discussion of the numbers, an analysis of households impacted, and comments from the Census department, please see Evictions Start With Nancy Pelosi and the House on a 7-Week Break

Meanwhile, let's return to the politics at hand.

Pelosi Does Not Have the Votes

With only a handful of House votes to spare, I am confident a moratorium would not clear the House. Blue Dog Democrats would kill it.

If Pelosi thought she had the votes for a moratorium, she would call the House back.

Hint: She doesn't.

Pelosi would rather hide out on a 7-week vacation than to have the world see she does not have the votes.

However, Pelosi would have had the votes for aid to states for faster and better procedures to pay landlords thus keeping renters in their homes. 

But that would get in the way of her political priorities. Pelosi would rather have evictions to blame on Republicans than to address the problem properly.

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