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Fat Zero for New York

The WSJ commenting on the WaPo report added "Some 49—including New York state and major metropolitan areas—had not spent anything. Although stimulus checks have helped reduce the rental backlog, a recent Census Bureau survey found 7.4 million tenants in arrears for a total that Moody’s puts at $27 billion."

Extend the Moratorium? Why?

The moratorium is a proven failure. It screwed landlords, many of whom struggle to pay their bills.

And the allocated money went nowhere because of inaction by the states. 

Start at the Beginning

We need go back and start at the beginning.

Eviction moratoriums are just plain wrong without compensation to the owners. 

How would you like it if you rented out a 2-flat and the government came along and told your tenants they did not have to pay rent?

Then you seek to evict but Biden extends the eviction moratorium followed by the CDC three more times. Total it up and you have not been paid rent for 15 months but your bills are due.

This is flat out unconstitutional confiscation of property.

Trump was wrong to declare an unpaid moratorium, Biden was wrong to extend it, the CDC was wrong to extend it three times, and Pelosi remains clueless about what the Supreme Court ruled. 

Moratoriums Extended

  • At least four states – Massachusetts, Nevada, New York and Oregon – are temporarily banning evictions against those with a pending rental assistance application.
  • New York has extended its eviction moratorium until September for tenants who’ve endured a Covid-related setback or for whom moving could pose a health risk. To qualify, renters must submit a hardship form to their landlord.
  • Renters in New Jersey can’t be kicked out of their homes until January.

The above points from CNBC

States had many months to develop a program. New York did not even try.

Extend the moratorium and there is no impetus for states to do anything but delay.

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