E Market Briefing For Wednesday, March 18

China's back to work to a degree, only reported one case yesterday, and Japan has people apparently recovered with combinations of the drugs, after South Korea had similar results. So forgive me if this is too intense and diverts from my normal financial journalistic approach, and I'm not at all wanting to be a medical reporter. However,these things do connect in a crucial way, and again.. social distancing is a fallback.. not tactic, and historically is used when you've lost the ability to contain and shifted to a mitigation strategy. Well with no travel, parts of the Nation can see basic containment work, while the tougher approach could be reserved for the hotspots. I think that's the President's plan, but I don't know. It's clearly not what they've given us this week, which is 'get in the bunkers', with no finessing of that at all.



And who am I to submit any plan, but with people like Dr. Drew (who was essentially a denier of what's going on) telling us to shut-up, or Facebook censoring discussion with limits to whatever CDC or HHS has to say, who are they to say others can't offer ideas, that they can throw-out entire (as they should if unworkable) ideas, or look-into if possible validity exists.  


That, to me, is the American way, not leaving all evaluation to censoring citizens searching for ideas. Hence I initially applaud Cheryl Sandburg of Facebook for a moving 'small business' funding plan, while I criticize her for advocating on TV today the limitation of information to anyone but official Washington. (And tonight I hear they admit an 'algo bug' caused 'factual news' to be periodically deleted as they scrub everyone's posts.)   

I think the opposite is true (I've visited this topic before, and it's part of the desire to call anything that's out there as 'conspiracy' or rumor, and while some is, scrubbing stories like the FBI arrests of the Harvard Professor or the espionage by Chinese researchers in Boston or Manitoba, is covering factual reporting, not conspiracy rumors). Labeling everything as rumor is a way of squashing public inquiry, suppresses free speech, and makes it seem appropriate for professional journalists to report merely handouts in contrast to digging for real information, and not photo-ops.  

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