E Market Briefing For Thursday, Nov. 19

Human COVID-19 tolls - going into the holidays are projected to be horrific. Concurrently, the stock market remains honed-in on bridging-the-gap to what it (and most people) envision as a 'vaccine panacea era' of course.

However there is actually little assurance that the forthcoming initial vaccines will deliver on 'promises' the population or stock market now 'assume' (even if they get a decent proportion of people willing to be inoculated) forthcoming.

Remember: 'hope' is not a strategy, but having a fallback treatment would be. Of course we're thinking about alternatives I mention daily, but just today I've been bombarded by more warnings about the vaccines longevity, necessity for booster shots, unknown lingering long-haul after-affects (not unheard of in vaccines), or even if there's some plot to use vaccines as population control. I of course dismiss the last part as anti-vax insanity, which we've heard before.

However, I do question the 90%+ efficacy claims, merely because participants in trials were not necessarily exposed to COVID at all, unless they inadvertently came across the situation. It might be presumed intelligent volunteers were of course not the no-mask/hoax crowd, and therefore were responsible, careful, and hence less like to be exposed. Now there have been earlier very effective vaccines, measles and the Salk Polio vaccine come to mind. Or the newer as well as synthetic Shingles vaccine, but those actually are exceptions.

Those of course weren't messing with human DNA, in the manner these new ones do, so that probably underlies speculative residual concern, that is being dampened by a repetitive clarion call to 'believe' all the science will be perfect first. Actually we hope so, but they don't know that much about the vaccine in real life, or prolonged duration, and certainly not about longer-term. I am in an age category that probably will be eligible for it almost right away, but unsure, until I learn more at least. Of course I'd prefer doing nothing but having at my side pills or monoclonal antibody nasal sprays, if it became necessary. That's even a longer-term proposition, but maybe not by much.

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