Just Let Go

ven the pursuit of letting go will help.

I try to follow varied segments of the Twittersphere (baseball card Twitter is the most underrated Twitter) to try to get exposure to many different learning opportunities as possible but I probably have a ways to go in terms of getting more out of it. @joshua_becker is someone I follow for quality of life ideas. His big things are minimalism, clearing out clutter and more importantly the emotional and quality of life benefits of having less. Becker curates (may not be the best word) a site called nosidebar.com and I found an listy article titled 50 Simple Thing You Need To Hear that was fun to read, had great ideas and may have investing implications.

  • Instead of working so hard to make ends meet, work on having fewer ends.
  • You might get 85 years on this planet—don’t spend 65 paying off a lifestyle you can’t afford.

Obviously, those are both about living below your means. A simpler life invariably means having less stuff and spending less money on new stuff. If my wife and I have a lot of stuff it is tools and building materials. We don't have a lot of clothes but we could probably scale back at a least a little but to give an idea, I have two suits and that is really one too many. I'm not sure what Becker's take would be but if you are at least aware of having stuff and making efforts to let go and spend less then if nothing else that is progress toward simplicity and being happier. Spending less on stuff makes it easier to save more when you're still working and spend less when you're retired which makes life better.

  • My goal is no longer to get more done, but rather to have less to do.

I don't agree with this as it's written. Nassim Taleb writes about his belief in this idea too. If you look, you will find estimates of how much of their time advisors spend trying to bring in new clients, maybe as much as 70% of their time. I broached this a few months ago, I don't spend any real time on this. A couple of times a year someone will inquire, I meet with them of course and sometimes they come on board and sometimes not. Not spending time on sales frees up time for tending to the portfolio and other things, it makes for a more rounded life in my opinion, in my case it allows me to time for my fire department activities. While that is fun of course, I also get the chance to solve problems that although different from managing money help with solving day job challenges all the same. In short, I believe my volunteer endeavor makes me better at my day job. I view it as having let go of needing to try to grow my business to the sky.

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