E Why I've Stopped Hating And Started Loving Cryptocurrencies

I'm not one of the millions of investors who're convinced that equities are the best...and perhaps the only...path to financial security.

As difficult at that path is, it's only half as difficult as preserving assets in a climate of climbing risks that include inflation. For years I've stayed away from stocks because it's obvious, to me, that the immediate gain--especially in a controlled market-- is in perpetual danger of the Perfect Global Storm.

As I look down the path, it seems to me that asset (wealth) preservation (safety) is the guiding light. The path winds between predators on all sides--inflation and other thieves--and we'd better be able to identify them and maintain an updated list of them.

A statement I read somewhere said that the market will end when the easy money ends. Surely every effort will be made to keep easy money flowing, but, at some point, the link between easy money and hard realities will make easy money irrelevant. There's one lesson that life teaches us that's forever being missed...and that is human planners--even those assisted by AI--always miss something.  No matter how confident the planners are and how comprehensive the planning is, there is always some Achilles Heel, some little over-looked detail that, sooner or later, collapses the entire enterprise.  How to be prepared, and what to be able do at that point, seems a lot more important than making a few bucks that will disappear in tomorrow's trades.

I'm just as convinced as ever that hard assets will increase in value/price when the market for paper becomes squishy and softens before collapse, and that gold and silver will always have a hedging role in stabilizing uncertain economies--personal, national, and global. But, grudgingly, I'm facing the fact that technology and communications have made the age we're living in different from the ages that call history.

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