Ripple: An Unstoppable Stream Of Great News In 2019, Any Surprise?

If any cryptocurrency beats all records on great news in 2019 it must be Ripple’s XRP (XRP), likely followed by TRON. Interestingly, though, it seems that the quality and meaningfulness of the news only improves, and that’s a characteristic not any other cryptocurrency has.

We review a number of recent news items that classify as ‘news that really matters’. The number of confirmations suggesting that our XRP forecast of 20 USD is underway, that XRP will become the largest crypto during the next bull run and in doing so will qualify as the number 1 blockchain investment of 2020 keeps on growing.

Let’s look at Ripple from several different angles just to ensure we take a broad view and avoid the perma-bull trap.

Note that in no way are we perma-bulls on XRP or any other cryptocurrency. We stay factual, and look at every cryptocurrency from a broad perspective. However, we look at crypto investing from the lens of adoption, which is the true differentiator against 90% of crypto content you may find out there.

As per our 100 investing tips for successful long term investors:

Falling in love with the investment is killing your profits. Love is an emotion, and emotions are your biggest enemy, and have the potential to destroy your account value. The one characteristic of all these top investing opportunities is that they have a short-lived period in which they really go ballistic. After that it is over for a couple of years at best (many, many years worst case). Never fall in love.

The under-estimated blockchain opportunity

The blockchain opportunity is amazing. Not many understand how big this will become, not many understand what it truly is.

When it comes to Ripple some tend to look at Ripple and the XRP cryptocurrency as a payment provider. While that’s not wrong per se, it is only a small part of the story. As per Ripple’s CEO they are a disruptor and bring innovation on and for the INTERNET OF VALUE.

Now THAT’s a totally different value proposition.

Although not specifically referring to Ripple in her speech Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF, referred to the “inclusion revolution” as the major blockchain opportunity.

She said that blockchain will revolutionize how transactions around the world will happen, referring to examples like:

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