Mickey Fulp: I Own Gold And Silver For This Reason

I can give an example in New Mexico. Sixty-five percent of the deaths in New Mexico, which are now over 200, are on the Navajo reservation where all of the conditions that I listed above exist. So, my question is, why was the entire state quarantined and creating an economic collapse? And I think it's a nanny state protectionism that is morphed into controlism. And it has progressed in my opinion, to socio-fascism.

Maurice Jackson: If the U.S. financial pandemic didn't begin with COVID-19, does it end with COVID-19?

Mickey Fulp: Well, I think it really did begin with COVID-19, given some underlying conditions, which was a stock market way overdue for a correction, and budget and trade deficits, but certainly won't end there. And the reason is, government actions have wrought major economic damage and, in my opinion, have forever changed our country. We have unemployment now at Depression-era levels, small businesses devastated and exponential increases in the money supply as tax receipts exponentially decrease. We will never recover from this! I saw something the other day: Mark Cuban refers to what's coming as America 2.0, and I don't welcome that.

Maurice Jackson: When you watch the mainstream media channels, what are some of the propagandas that they seem to be pushing from both sides of the aisle that have you just shaking your head in disbelief?

Mickey Fulp: Well, think about it. Does it seem too good to you, what's coming? What has been done? This country will never be the same. Sad, but true, that the Wuhan flu is causing the economic collapse. It is government officials, many unelected, deep-state bureaucrats at all levels, locking down a country with blatantly illegal and unconstitutional fiat orders without legislative input, and that's what's caused the collapse in my opinion.

Maurice Jackson: A prime example of failing economic policy is the unprecedented inflation of our currency by both parties. What type of impact do you see this having on the general equities short term, and then longer term?

Mickey Fulp: Well, some major corporate equities will do well in nominal dollar terms, and a lot will go bankrupt. The rapid inflation [of the] money supply will cancel, in real dollar terms, many of the gains from the corporate entities, and a lot of those are listed on the NASDAQ. NASDAQ is up 4% this year.

But my main concern would be small business entrepreneurial ventures. And that's what drives growth in our country. And especially Mom-and-Pop storefronts. A great majority of these businesses will never open, and the jobs that are associated with those mainly service jobs are gone forever.

It just seems wrong that these lockdowns punished small businesses while allowing the big-box corporations to stay open and prosper, like Walmart and Home Depot. Meanwhile, your neighborhood corner stores, churches, bookstores, gun dealers, whatnot, are shut down, while booze and pot stores are deemed essential. That seems wrong to me. And I think a lot of this has been driven by a political agenda.

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