Is Your Investing Like A “Bird Box” Challenge?

In a popular Netflix movie, Sandra Bullock and two children seek to escape an ominous force that motivates observers to commit suicide. Victims stare into nothing, hear voices of deceased loved ones, perhaps experience their greatest fears, pupils get weird and then BOOM. Suddenly, people are jumping in front of cars, stabbing themselves in the neck with scissors. Blindfolds are the difference between life and death.

Birds can detect when this invisible death mist is rolling in. They go into a frenzy. The heart of the film is a blindfolded crew of Bullock and two children who must travel a treacherous river to a safe haven - ironically, a home for the blind located downstream.

Our three protagonists have the ragged clothes on their backs and death-grip on a box with a strap. The box has holes. Inside the box? You got it. A couple of birds. Nature’s ADT against “the thing that causes you to do horrible things to yourself.” Personally, I thought it animal abuse. I mean, aren’t there enough birds to pay attention to in the sky without having to keep captive two parakeets in a tiny box?

But I digress.

Anyway, you don’t need to set traps or hit up Petco to stock up on birds. Inside your body is the best primal warning system on the planet. It’s called your “Gut Box.” The financial industry passionately advises investors to ignore their emotions when it comes to financial, specifically portfolio decisions.

Emotions and money can be a lethal mix. However, there’s an ulterior motive as I’m justifiably skeptical of the industry, overall (I’ve earned the right; I’ve been navigating this rancid river for 29 years). The overarching goal of the brokerage industry is to monetize cash – keep it wedged in expensive managed stock portfolios with portfolio managers blindfolded to sell disciplines.

There are 4 statements that big-box financial brokers and their strategists expound under the appearance of guidance when they should be considered pacification. If your Gut Box begins to flutter when you hear these words of obfuscation, it’s not an overactive imagination. Consider it an early warning system trying to send a message. I’ll be breaking down into 4 blog posts to provide investors a way to respect their emotions but not blow up their portfolios.

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