A Stellar Lumens Price Forecast For 2019

Stellar Lumens, symbol XLM, is a cryptocurrency that went through the crypto boom-and-bust cycle last year but survived and thrived. It ended the year as a cryptocurrency in the top five market cap, switching between the fourth and fifth position.

Many are asking about our up-to-date vision on our 4 USD of Stellar Lumens prediction, hence this Stellar Lumens price forecast for 2019. Long story short, based on our 5 cryptocurrency predictions for 2019 we continue to believe that our $4 USD Stellar Lumens price forecast is intact although it will materialize in 2019 or 2020.

As part of this Stellar Lumens price forecast 2019 we will look into a couple of aspects: how is our Stellar Lumens price forecast influenced by growth principles, will Stellar Lumens likely get a bid from institutional investors, what do we see in the data and what do we see on its long term price chart. All aspects combined will determine our Stellar Lumens price forecast for 2019, and, likely, 2020.

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What is Stellar Lumens?

Stellar is an open-source and decentralized blockchain platform that has a native currency with symbol XLM. In essence this is a global payment platform facilitated by Stellar Lumens as a digital asset. The huge benefit that this platform brings to the table is that it executes fast, secure, and ultra-cheap payments between a very large number of currency pairs.

The functional flow of Stellar Lumens’s blockchain based payment platform is shown on this picture (courtesy of Achainofblocks). This may look somehow complicated but it is as simple as can be. One should try to compare this with the immensely complex legacy payment systems for which even we don’t dare to pull up a functional flow.

What this picture shows in essence is that the Stellar network uses the token Lumens to ‘transfer’ an amount in any currency into any other currency in a seamless and ultra straightforward way.

stellar lumens

Stellar Lumens price forecast based on “Lean Startup” principles

Every cryptocurrency is essentially a crypto startup. The fact they have a token is of secondary importance. Looking at things in this way implies that 90% of startups fail (miserably) because they develop products that the world does not need.

The most important sign to look for is ‘traction’. In startup terms it means that there is product/market fit. This means that the startup develops a product or service in a way that it solves a problem for certain segments of the market. The larger the market the bigger the potential for the startup.

This is, by far, the most important challenge that any startup faces, also every crypto startup that has a cryptocurrency. It is also the reason why we attach so much value to this as part of our Stellar Lumens price forecast for 2019 (similar to any other price forecast in the crypto space).

Taking this viewpoint neutralizes the largely irrelevant concepts of cryptocurrency market cap and the like.

So which problem does Stellar Lumens solve, and which signs of traction do we see?

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