Interview: Do Your Skills Measure Up? I Ask LinkedIn's Dan Roth

The days where your boss tells you what to do and you do it are over. OVER.

“You’re expected to run your own operation. Figure out what the problems are, figure out the answers, and tell other people. This constant sharing up and down is an essential part of business today,” Dan Roth, Editor and Chief of LinkedIn (MSFT) told me.

He’s been on my podcast twice.

“How many podcasts have you been on now?”

“It’s in the multiples. Maybe three,” he said.

I was his first podcast. And now his fourth.

He knew all these obscure facts about the workplace…

  • “Spotify gives employees 6 months parental leave”
  • “33% of people would take a 10% pay cut to gain flexibility”

Then he talked to me about ghosting (this new phenomenon where people just don’t show up for work).

But I had a few core questions to ask him. This is what I learned.

1. “How do you change jobs if you’re stuck in debt?”

Ok. Before I tell you what Dan said. I have to tell you how LinkedIn helped my career. And personal life.

I wanted to write about the misery of work. And about the anxiety I got from being married to money. I wanted to expose myself as a failure. I lost 15 million dollars basically overnight because I couldn’t stop thinking I was poor.

And I’ve written a lot about how I bounced back from that depression. It’s a method I call “The Daily Practice.” And if you’ve read “Choose Yourself” you know what I’m talking about.

But there are a lot of people who are stuck in that mindset of not having enough. The bills pile up. The kids outgrow their clothes. Credit card debt and interest go up and up.

And you ask yourself everyday two questions:

“How did I get here?”

And “How do I get out?”

So I asked Dan Roth, “Let’s say you have $100,000 in debt, how do you change jobs if you’re stuck in debt?

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