Brent Cook: Speculators Must Have Boots On The Ground

Brent Cook of Exploration Insights sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to discuss the positives and negatives of the mining sector in 2020. Mr. Cook will address the importance for every speculator to have boots on the ground via site visits. Find out which precious and base metals have Mr. Cook’s attention in 2020.

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Maurice Jackson: Joining us for conversation is Brent Cook. He's the founder of the highly regarded Exploration Insights. Mr. Cook, you're one of the most trusted, highly regarded names in the natural resource space, so it's a real pleasure to be speaking with you today sir.

Today we will address the positives and negatives for the mining sector in 2020. Sir, from a macro perspective, please share with us what is your view on the current state of the mining sector?

Brent Cook: For my colleague Joe Mazumdar and me, the overriding issue that the mining sector faces is they're just not finding enough economic metal deposits to replace what's been mined. To put that into terms that might make sense, we are producing on a global scale, 90 million ounces a year, which is about what's come out of the Carlin Trend in Nevada since 1980. We're not finding 90 million ounces a year. Ditto for copper. We're burning through one Bingham Canyon deposit just outside of Salt Lake a year. We're not putting in production one of those a year. So that's the real issue they face. It's real positive for those of us in the exploration sector.

Maurice Jackson: Speaking of positives, are there any catalysts that you see that will enhance the value propositions of companies in 2020?

Brent Cook: Well, certainly metal prices. We expect gold to do well, platinum, palladium, nickel—but the lack of production we really see as the catalyst for the metal prices.

Maurice Jackson: And where do you see the best value propositions in 2020? Is it the precious metals or is it the base metals?

Brent Cook: We're going with precious metals for a lot of reasons, from a shortage of deposits, to global geopolitical risks that keep increasing with every threat, to global debt. There's just so much going on that I think gold is going to act as a safe haven more and more.

Maurice Jackson: And regarding base metals, which base metals have your attention and why?

Brent Cook: Copper for the future is certainly something that's going to be in deficit—the demand for copper with the increase with electric vehicles, electrification, green energy, etc. So copper, further down the road. Right now, probably the one base metal we're most interested in is nickel. Fortunately or unfortunately, there're not many decent nickel plays out there, so nickel is a good one. Palladium, I think, is also going to do well again this year. So those are the base metals we're sticking with. Zinc, lithium, lead; sort of so-so on those.

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