Inflation Is Stealth Austerity

Inflation is a form of sacrifice that few recognize as sacrifice. It seems like everyone's income is eroded equally, but this isn't true: the wealthy closest to the Fed's money spigots are earning multiples of inflation from asset inflation, stock buybacks, etc. Inflation is a pinprick to the wealthy and a stilletto in the kidneys of the bottom 95%.

To the political Aristocracy, inflation is wonderful because they don't need to ask anyone to sacrifice 10% of their income as they do with austerity; they just steal the 10% a dribble at a time and throw up their hands as if inflation is some mystery force completely beyond their control.

Ironically, austerity--an honest, upfront political decision and sacrifice--is decried, while the dishonest, stealth cut of inflation is passively accepted, even as the Federal Reserve has made a cloaked political decision to reduce the purchasing power of everyone's income except for the New Nobility (the top 0.1%) that the Fed slavishly serves.

Rather than decry austerity, which demands an open political discussion of trade-offs, we should decry inflation's stealthy reduction of purchasing power, a Fed policy that benefits the few at the expense of the many.

Here is the Chapwood Index of inflation, which carefully measures "apples to apples" costs of essential goods and services in each city:

As inflation erodes purchasing power, workers' share of the economy has declined dramatically-- a double-whammy of declining purchasing power and standard of living.

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