Inflate Or Die!

Businessman riding bear on arrow downward trend line with sky - Inflate Or Die!Pundit Bill Bonner’s article, “Money-Printing Means Inflation for the U.S. Economy”, concludes:

“It’s inflate or die.

And if anyone gets in the way of inflation… the ‘active shooters’ – in both the private sector and the public sector – start gunning for them.

Last week, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen came under fire for saying she might have to raise interest rates.

…. There is no real chance that the Biden team will let deficits stand in the way. They’re just going to rename them ‘investments.’

…. Even Joe Biden is likely to get the message: Deficits are a good thing.

The flagging economy will need ‘fiscal stimulus,’ the experts will say.

And that means money-printing.

And money-printing means inflation.”

Pick your poison!

Treasury Secretary and former Fed Chair Janet Yellen mentioned raising interest rates to address inflation. Mr. Bonner pointed out the “active shooters” quickly arrived, and the market reacted negatively.

Remember when Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke mentioned the Fed might “taper” bond-buying? Reuters reported about, The markets and Bernanke’s ‘taper tantrums’. Any hint of the Fed reducing stimulus money for the banks is immediately attacked.

When former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker raised interest rates to head off runaway inflation, the market suffered badly until things came under control.

Today’s market is a Fed-induced, all-time high bubble, waiting to explode. For over a decade, Congress and the Fed used real and imaginary threats to flood the system with trillions of questionable dollars in stimulus packages.

  • The Fed knows the investor class won’t stand for even a normal correction.
  • The Fed sits by and does nothing to hold down inflation.
  • The Bureau of Labor statistics creates phony data.
  • The political class pretends all is well. Potential political appointees who might encourage government fiscal discipline are quickly dismissed.

Meanwhile, prices are soaring through the roof, the consumer knows it and soon there will be pressure on Congress to “do something.”

  • Does the Fed let the consumer go bankrupt, savers see their nest egg disappear to inflation while the dollar crumbles and prices soar?
  • Does the Fed corral inflation, let the investor class take a hit, with the inevitable correction that should have been allowed to take place in 2008?
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