Human/Machine Fusion

Humans that fuse with machines will become telekinetics. They will be able to be in two places at once. They will be able to “feel” physical objects that are half a world away. They will have thousands of times the strength of purely organic humans. They will not be limited to one physical manifestation of their existence. They will have powers usually reserved for mythological superheroes – what will they do with them?

If you think these statements sound like prep work for a sci-fi novel, think again. They are concepts I’m going to discuss with Prof. Dustin Tyler, the director of the Functional Neural Interface Lab and the Human Fusions Initiative at Case Western Reserve University on January 28, 2021 when I host NeuroReality™: The Future of Telepresence (details below).

Professor Tyler’s biomedical engineering remit includes neuromimetic neuroprostheses, laryngeal neuroprostheses, clinical implementation of nerve electrodes, cortical neuroprostheses, minimally invasive implantation techniques, modeling of neural stimulation and neuroprostheses.
The purpose of these research initiatives is to improve human neurologic health and function through the integration of engineered devices into living systems with the overarching goal of advancing the field of neural engineering.

This team studies clinical implementations of neural prosthesis systems, which include sensation and human-in-the-loop control for amputees, neuro-inspired stimulation paradigms, spinal cord stimulation for pain management, and peripheral nerve electrodes to restore function following spinal cord injury. This team also researches advanced devices to improve the extraction of information from and activation of the human nervous system. And this team develops and researches neuromimetic interfaces between neural tissue and engineered devices.

The work at the Human Fusions Initiative combines rigorous academic research with applied sciences and has yielded some impressive results. Here’s a short video case study that speaks for itself:

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