How To Stay Motivated When You Can’t Stand A Co-Worker

Stay motivated

The problem with working for a living is that there are no perfect jobs out there. No matter what kind of work you do, there’s always something that, if changed, would make it better.

There could be high stress, certain tasks you dislike doing, or benefits you don’t receive. Or, it could be that you work with other people you don’t care for.

Whenever people are the problem in your job, it makes going to work each day a little harder. Let’s face it; most of us don’t like co-worker conflicts.

It makes it hard to stay motivated when you can’t stand a co-worker. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make working with them a little easier.

Ask Why

The first thing to do when you can’t stand a co-worker is to ask yourself why you don’t like them. Did they do something awful to you or treat you badly? Or, do they remind you of someone else you dislike?

If your co-worker hasn’t done anything wrong maybe you are the problem. Try to determine what it is that makes you not like them.

Finding out you are the one who needs to change isn’t so bad. It’s far easier to change your own behavior than someone else’s. But if they are the problem you’ll have a harder time working with them.

Be the Bigger Person

When you can’t stand a co-worker, but must work with them anyway, be the bigger person. Regardless of how badly they act, don’t retaliate by acting similarly.

Behaving poorly in reaction to their behavior makes you just as bad as them. Besides, if they are acting inappropriately, a supervisor will likely notice. If corrective action is taken you don’t want it taken against you too.

Focus Inward

To stay motivated when dealing with a difficult co-worker, stay calm and focus inward. You can’t change what they do. However, you can change how you react.

Focus on your own work and always deal with them in kindness. Believe it or not, it will make them look bad if they continue with such behavior.

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