How To Prepare For Economic Uncertainty

Call the Federal Reserve, 202.452.2955, or call the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, 202.874.2330, and ask them, “Hey, why did you guys miss that word (Money)?” Because everyone calls it that, but when you start to make the distinction, and understand the sophisms, it has a profound impact on your life. It’s not that you’re better, it’s not necessarily conspiracy theories, it’s just facts. And when you understand facts, you can change your life. You can change your vocabulary, you can change your ideology. Now, I’ve rambled a little bit too much. Let me ask you this last question: What did I forget to ask?

Chris Marcus: Perhaps, when is this all happening? I wish I had the answer to that one. I don’t think that it’s that far longer off when you look at the developments that are happening. Perhaps most importantly, I have to preface this saying even when I left Wall Street in 2012, I thought it was imminent then. Although with that said, what has always loomed and what was the actual spark in the last crisis that imploded in 2008 was the rising interest rates, which we’ve seen begin to happen as the Fed has been hiking incredibly slowly.

Maybe we’ll get to 2% in the next decade. But still seeing interest rates rise, seeing foreign creditors walking away from the auction, seeing the steps taken by China, seeing Iran ban dollars. Seeing country stand up and say, “We’ve had enough.” And I say this as an American who I love where I live. I love the people around me. I don’t agree with the government policy or the finances and how that works. I would just point out to people that again, hey, maybe you sit there with your gold and silver for another five years. Although it certainly seems like a lot of things are in place that if it happened tomorrow, don’t be surprised.

Again, I’m not going to sit here and tell you it’s happening next Tuesday. Because as much as I wish I knew that, I don’t. Yet, I think it makes a lot of sense to be preparing now and not waiting any longer. Because certainly, all the conditions that would seemingly indicate that a move is coming whenever that does occur, to me it seems very clear it’s a matter of when rather than if now. So, it is a good time to be taking action and listening to shows like this. Again, I thank you for sharing the information, giving people a place to go. People always wonder, what can I actually do? But whether it’s you’re talking to a friend or you’re hosting a show, on some level, I think that the more truth is spread, the more power we reclaim.

Maurice Jackson: I’d like to close on a note here as well. I’m very fortunate, and I’m not saying this in a bragging way. But I interview the most respected names in the natural resource space, and in the financial sector online and speak with them offline. The common theme that they all have, and many of these are what we would consider some of the 1%, the common theme that they all have is they own money. Money meaning gold and silver. Whereas the 99% cannot make that distinction between gold and silver, money and currency. And so, they’re naked on money, and they don’t have to do necessarily in quantity because you can’t compete with them at that level. But you can do it in quality by making small little moves.

I do sell precious metals through Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments for full disclosure, am I biased. You purchasing precious metals? Absolutely. But even before then, I was an advocate. I’d like to just share something simple that anyone listening can do. I’ve been doing this for years. You can go to a bank and ask the tellers if they have any Kennedy 50 cent pieces. If the answer is yes, simply ask for any of those in the 1960s. The bank teller does not know the difference between currency and money. So, they will be willing to exchange with you copper nickel coins that you currently have in your possession, for silver coins. I do it all the time. I’ll go to a bank and hand them $3.50 cents. And I’m using the word dollar in a generic term, knowing that it’s not right real definition of a dollar. But I’ll give them $3.50. And in return, they’ll get me $70.00 worth of silver.

Now, that’s a non-recorded transaction, and I didn’t get taxed on it. I do it all the time and I have no competition. So, these are simple things that you can do, but you need to listen to shows such as this and then become proactive. It’s one thing to listen to it, but then you have to be proactive and then do the education and stick with the education. Most of your competition based on today’s date were consumed with game three of the NBA Finals. That’s your competition. They’re after the game. They’re consumed with what is one announcer or a commentator on a sports show yelling about. I won’t say his name, you know him talking to for those into sports. It goes on for hours. If you just realize that if you’re the only one showing up for the race, the probability, as Rick Rule always says, of you winning is greatly enhanced if you’re the only one that’s going to show up for the race.

We hope that narratives such as this really open up your eyes. We hope that it can be life changing for you. So, again, thank you for coming on the show. But Mr. Marcus, before you leave, if someone listening today wants to get more information on Arcadia Economics, please share the contact details.

Chris Marcus: You can find me at You’re also welcome to email me at I really felt there was, for whatever reason, I saw these things that I did when I was working in Wall Street, and walked out because I did feel there was an obligation to stand up and speak up about the things I was seeing. That was how I was raised. That was always when I was doing the Pledge of Allegiance throughout public education indoctrination. But that was always the way that I was raised and believed what we were supposed to do. I do enjoy helping people understand what’s going on. So, feel free to contact me. If there’s anything I can do to help, again, I appreciate you having me on the show. It’s great to finally meet you and I appreciate what you’re doing. It’s exciting to see things actually happening. I think there’s good times ahead.

Chris Marcus of Arcadia Economics, thank you for joining us today on Proven and Probable.

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