How Much Revenue Automakers Generate Every Second

How Much Revenue Automakers Generate Every Second

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How Much Revenue Automakers Generate Every Second

Since their invention, automobiles have been a driving force of the global economy.

Used by millions of people to get to work, transport goods, and travel, the modern automobile has become ubiquitous in our daily lives. So much so, that a whopping 92 million cars were produced in just 2019.

To help us understand the might of the auto industry, this infographic from Parts Geek breaks down the earnings of 19 major car companies by an interesting metric—revenue per second.

The Full List of Automakers

Below are the earnings of the 19 automakers featured in the infographic.

The Volkswagen Group claims the top spot with $290.2B in gross revenue, translating to $9,202.88 per second. Capping off the list is the world’s most valuable automaker, Tesla, which generated a relatively smaller $24.6B in gross revenue, or $780.06 per second.

A clear takeaway from this data is that Volkswagen and Toyota have a sizable lead over the rest of their peers. Let’s take a closer look at how these two companies operate.

The Volkswagen Group

The Volkswagen Group holds a comprehensive portfolio of brands and services, and has been the world’s largest automaker, by sales, for the past three years.

Beginning with passenger cars and motorcycles, its numerous brands reported the following results for 2019.

Brand Vehicle Sales Sales Revenue* ($) Average Revenue per Vehicle ($)
Volkswagen  3,677,000 $99.1B $26,960
Audi (includes Lamborghini and Ducatti)  1,200,000 $62.4B $52,028
ŠKODA 1,062,000 $22.2B $20,912
SEAT 667,000 $12.9B $19,326
Porsche  277,000 $29.2B $105,491
Bentley 12,000 $2.3B $195,480
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