Yet Another Reminder: Listen To Xi Spell It All Out

I keep saying to take them at their word. For years now, China’s top Communists have been upfront and honest in a way that compared to what goes on in Western nominally-free democracies would be refreshing. Don’t get me wrong; this is no way implies, nor do I claim, that authoritarian thuggishness can be superior. Rather, this is the small(ish) beneficial byproduct of having no real opposition – you can speak the truth because you’ll savage anyone who dares criticize it.

The mistake, the confusion, it all stems from a misunderstanding of a single phrase: Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. Derived from Mao Zedong, it took on new properties – and eventual earnestness – instead under Deng Xiaoping. The former cultish leader had thoroughly screwed up China, dooming to death and torture tens of millions throughout his regrettably lengthy tenure.

For Communism to survive in that place, Deng Xiaoping would have to start backward first (from the Marxist perspective; going from Revolution to capitalism was a step in the wrong direction). Deng realized that in order to save it, they’d have to Westernize it (just as Lenin had originally tried).

Half-hearted and bungled throughout the late seventies and eighties, rising tensions between the holdover Maoist hardliners and the reformers (who, don’t kid yourself, might have seemed “softer” if only by comparison to the stewards of the Tiananmen Square Massacre) led to deep division only settled in the early nineties when, to each Communist’s horror, their northern neighbor, the Mother State, imploded.

Thus, Socialism with Chinese Characteristics suddenly meant serious urgency:

If China’s Communist Revolution hoped to survive, it would have to go all the way – on the economy. Embrace the wealth and technology that only a capitalist system could invent and then multiply. And, of course, stealing, pilfering, and thieving as much as possible where possible; that’s the part of Trotsky they all seem to agree on.

Unlike the Russians, though, the Chinese would keep a tighter political grip while this happened. That’s the lesson they ultimately learned; more wealth first, and even more authoritarian to achieve it

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