Which Property Market In Europe Will Benefit From Brexit?

Stirring The Pot Of Opportunity In Euroland

So the Brits are leaving the EU.

At least that’s how they voted last week. Today, though, it seems some from both sides of the argument would like to revisit the discussion.

Both Remain voters and some Leavers have petitioned Parliament to consider holding a second referendum. Several Leave voters have been quoted as saying they’d like to change their votes. It seems they didn’t understand the consequences of the votes they cast the first time.

One Brit I heard interviewed told the reporter he didn’t think his vote would matter so he voted for Leave. Darwin fails us again.

Property Market In Europe has been stirred by the brexit.

Meanwhile, Europe and the rest of the world are trying to think through what an independent U.K. will mean. Comments from politicians on both sides of the vote would make for a great Seinfeld episode.

The Leave camp is telling Brits that nothing will change for the EU citizens living and working in the U.K. nor for the U.K. citizens living in the EU. They’ve also been quoted suggesting that trade between the U.K. and the EU will carry on status-quo. You have to wonder if the Leavers ever even considered the consequences of the fight they’ve just won.

They seem to think they can have their cake and eat it, too.

Some EU politicians sound as naïve, insisting that the U.K. must go immediately.

The official disentanglement process is meant to stretch over two years. The Treaty of Lisbon stipulates the various negotiations required for the divorce. Part of the negotiations involve the movement of people and goods. Don’t expect the EU to roll over for the U.K.

As in all divorces, both sides will lose financially. Already some of the financial ramifications that weren’t comprehended by the populous in advance of the vote are in the news.

Low-cost airlines in Europe have allowed the working- and middle-class masses cheap and easy access to other parts of Europe for vacations (holidays, as the Brits would say). The underlying premise that allows these airlines to operate in the EU is an open-skies law permitting EU airlines to fly freely among all EU countries.

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