Venezuela Backs Down

Both oil and Venezuela are backing down as Venezuelan President in question Nicolas Maduro thought it best to hold off on demanding that U.S. diplomats leave the country after the Trump administration warned of a “significant response” if American personnel are threatened or intimidated. The second thoughts of that action by Maduro probably granted him a little time before the U.S. buries the Venezuelan economy by imposing sanctions on their oil exports. This comes as the oil markets worry about what the Federal Reserve might do as well as new concerns about the health of the Chinese economy as Chinese negotiators meet in the U.S. on Wednesday. Still, according to Reuters, the price of oil has risen by 12 percent so far in January, the largest increase in percentage terms in the first month of the year since 2005, when it rose by 14 percent.

The collapse in Venezuela is not a surprise as the Energy Report predicted this would happen many years ago. The movement towards socialism, a system that has ultimately failed everywhere it has been tried, continues to show that when you give up your rights to the government in exchange for a little economic security you end up without rights or economic security. The United States are full of people who fled to this country to escape the evils of socialism, a political system that has led to the innocent deaths and starving of more innocent people than any system ever devised by man. When the rights of the state trump the inalienable God gaven rights of the individual, it dehumanizes them and leads to gulags and death camps. In fact, the reason the America States was founded was because people fled a State where they said that for the good of the country you could not have the right to worship God in a way that they saw fit. In fact, some of the brightest minds in the world came to this country to seek their fortune because of its capitalistic system, not because it was a socialist country.  There are ways to improve capitalism but not by selling the dignity of the individual and their right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for the power of the state to decide if their rights are in their best interests.

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