Top Canadian Dividend Stocks For 2021

Last year hasn’t been quite what we expected. And let’s admit it, while 2021 brings some hope, a number on a calendar is not magic.

If there is one single piece of wisdom you must remember from 2020 it is this: stay invested. If you stayed invested over the past 6 years, you went through much consternation, but also much growth and success.

2015: The market was going nowhere and CNBC said that 2015 was the hardest year to make money in 78 years.

2016: Brexit was on the rise, and stocks took a hit. The Brexit vote led to stock market crashes around the world. The market losses amounted to a total of 3 trillion US dollars by 27 June 2016.

2017: The market was trading at an all-time high, then the dreaded Hindenburg Omen returned. If you don’t feel like reading, let’s just say that the Hindenburg Omen called for a market crash.

2018: The Hindenburg prophecy was real! The market dropped during the second part of 2018, but the worst was yet to come. CNBC called for 2018 to be the worst year for stocks in 10 years (they have a knack for clickbait titles!).

2019: Oops! The apocalypse did not happen during this year.  In fact, 2019 was the best year of the past 10 years.

2020: The queen of uncertainties! However, if you look back at the past 6 years, nothing has changed dramatically. The apocalypse is always about to happen. Yet, if you stayed invested since December 2014 your portfolio is now clearly in better shape now with the US market having doubled in value and the Canadian market being up 50%.

Which Canadian Dividend Stocks Should be in your portfolio for 2021?

Today, I’m picking companies that will pay and increase their dividends and will likely provide you with a nice capital appreciation. The selection methodology of those companies is explained in this article:

Here are some great stock ideas for 2020:

Franco Nevada (FNV.TO) (NYSE: FNV)

  • Market cap: 32B
  • Yield: 0.61%
  • Revenue growth (5yr, annualized): 18.05%
  • EPS growth rate ((5yr, annualized): 25.73%
  • Dividend growth rate (5yr, annualized): 10.57%
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