E Three Industries That Will Drive The Russian Economy

Currently, the Russian market is driven by the oil and gas industry and this has been this way for a long time. Russia has always been a huge country with a lot of potentials, yet always one and the same approach of oil and gas, traditional thing basically. Via providing gas and oil for a number of countries, the economy of Russia was always relatively rigid, as some neighboring countries fully depend on the provision of gas and oil in the region. Thus, with the time changing and the technologies developing, this picture might change quite soon. 

As a big country Russia has a big potential in many industries, though because of the very close circle and relatively conservative approach to the new tendencies and new technologies, some of the industries remain behind the shadow. This is coming to the end and according to some experts in the field, the future three industries that we should expect to drive the local market are Tech, eSports, and AI engineering. 

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The reason behind a drastic change is that the global pandemic has shown us, as well as some other factors have proved that gas and oil are non-reusable resources, which do not last for a long time and their price is very shaky. This means that the price will be changing with the new political and social changes and the industry shall come to the end of the dominance sooner or later. One more practice proves that oil and gas can be changed with some more innovative industries and cars, as well as some other vehicles, might not even need gas and petroleum in the near future. 

So what is the future of the Russian economy? 

Do all of those changes mean that the Russian economy shall not survive and will simply sink, or does it mean that there will be some adjustments made and the new industries will take over? Well, shall the politicians stay wise and be right with their decisions, the economy should survive with certain adjustments. 

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