This Is How China Moves The World To A Gold Standard

Second, they will in essence be devaluing the yuan versus gold. This will have many benefits and too broad of a subject to breach here but think back to 1934 when the U.S. devalued the dollar versus gold, it creates “inflation” and makes debt easier to pay and service as well as giving a bump to the real economy.

Next and of great importance, moving the world “naturally” to a gold standard means moving away from the dollar standard and all the unfairness that goes with it. A world moving toward gold (China) is a world moving away from the dollar. Surely the dollar will devalue versus the yuan via lower demand from the oil trade and also the lessening of “power” afforded as issuer of the reserve currency. The U.S has enforced the dollar standard by military use for years. Is this action by China “neutral” enough and free market enough to avoid military conflict? We can only hope and pray the U.S. does not kick the table over in reaction.

Lastly and possibly most important, this scheme avoids the main pitfall Bretton Woods fell into, bleeding out treasury gold. If China refuses to convert yuan into treasury gold but instead buys the bullion on open markets they will never have their “De Gaulle moment”. I know what you are thinking, there just isn’t enough gold? And again I will remark “at the current price”. You see, under this scenario, China does not care how high the price of gold moves because they are along for the ride. The only thing they care about is not leaking ANY of the gold they have so carefully and methodically have accumulated over these years! Make no mistake, China will not convert yuan into THEIR gold, they will purchase gold on the open market to make the conversion.

Wrapping this up, China can effectively use Mother Nature and free markets to create a gold standard where they are the wealthiest ones at the table. You can be sure China did not dream this up recently, Chairman Mao purportedly said back in 1971 “this is the beginning of the end for the dollar”. He was, of course, correct and as usual had a view far further into the future than any Westerners at the time. This course of action is logical and can certainly be considered “financial war”. The only question in my mind is whether or not it leads to an actual hot war?

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