This Is How China Moves The World To A Gold Standard

Now, getting back to China, here is why I believe they are leading the world BACK to a gold standard! If China imports oil and pays with yuan and offers their yuan “convertible” into gold, how many oil producers will take them up on the conversion? Certainly not 100% and maybe not 50%. Maybe the number is only 25% or even less but that’s not important as “time” will take over. You must ask yourself, how long can China and India import 3,000 tons while the world only produces 2,500 tons? Where will another 1,000 tons (or maybe much more?) of demand be satisfied if oil producer’s newly acquired yuan are converted to gold? The easy answer is “they cannot” …AT CURRENT PRICES!

Here is the interesting part and where I believe I was mistaken in previous thought. China watched as the U.S. was bled of gold leading up to 1971. They also know we have been bleeding gold ever since as a way to camouflage the credit bubble and gross over issuance of dollars. They understand the game and do not want to be placed in the same quandary if the yuan becomes the reserve currency. Instead, I believe China is leading the world toward a de facto gold standard by diverting what was previously “oil for dollars” into “oil for gold”. I believed China might mark gold higher by making a bid and ask price at much higher numbers, instead, facilitating and using natural demand makes so much more sense.

By making yuan convertible into gold, China in essence is creating a demand they know cannot be met by supply … (again) AT CURRENT PRICES! Why would they do this? It is actually so simple I feel dumb for not seeing this previously. China actually kills an entire flock of birds at one time!

First, they are THE largest owner of gold on the planet so they are in fact marking the value of their treasury up by multiples. The higher future price of gold will also make it very difficult if not impossible for other nations to catch up in gold accumulation. By freeing the gold price, China is assuring their place as a world financial leader for many years if not many centuries as that is their mindset. They know quite well, gold is lasting wealth and also the phrase “he who has the gold makes the rules”!

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