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We got into Naspers thanks to Africa handHarry Geisel and only bought TCEHY later.

Harry just sent me a promo for a newsletter from Agora Inc called Dollar Trade Club, presenting "This Chinese Tech Juggernaut is Ste to Soar... and NOW is the Time to Buy". It's TCEHY, called "China's FANG wrapped into one." Agora's Bill Bonner funded my newsletter startup but after a year sold it to me because such promos didn't work in global-investing.


Grupo Bimbo lost 1% today in Mexican bolsa trading The bakery giant reported a good Q2.


Japan Smaller Cap (JOF) in invested mostly in materials, machinery, construction, and medical small caps but its largest stakes are in retailing and trading companies, according to a filing with the SEC.

Eaton Vance Global Equity Income Fund, EXG, will declare its dividend Aug. 1. So will Advent Claymore Global Convertible Fund, AGC, which we put a sell on because it is being merged with its US-investing counterparts. So is Pimco Dividend Income Fund, PDI. Thanks to John Cole Scott for tracking them so well.

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David Reynolds 2 years ago Member's comment

Good read.

Vivian Lewis 2 years ago Author's comment

do I want to share a page with Dough Casey? I am the child of immigrants of a different language, religion and culture to that of the US mainstream. Of course had they not left Nazi Germany when they did my parents would have been killed and I wouldn't be here. But to limit migration to people called Casey who want to better themselves would also exclude religious refugees like my mom and dad; people who had helped the USA in Vietnam who feared being killed by the Communist takeover; Cuban refugees from Castroland; Russian amd East European Jews banned from studies or jobs under Stalin and his allies. If you only allow Christians with white skin who speak English already, who can find jobs or start companies now, are you going to ask the offspring of these other groups to return to their ancestors" homelands? What will Mr Casey do about the native Americans who were here before the Caseys disembarked?

BreakingBad News 2 years ago Member's comment

Was this response to a question I'm not seeing?

Vivian Lewis 2 years ago Author's comment

ad for Casey posted on talkmarkets letter to me yesterday so I reacted

BreakingBad News 2 years ago Member's comment

Thanks for clarifying, I had no idea Casey had such views.

Vivian Lewis 2 years ago Author's comment

me neither. but the book is out