E Roubini On India Growth And Status Of Asia Fusion

As indicated at the beginning of this article, India's infrastructure is lacking. The United States is unlikely to come to the aid of India. The United States has a poor record in Latin America, Africa and Asia when it comes to helping with infrastructure. China may be up to the task, and India would need that boost desperately. 

US consumers show a willingness to buy things Asian. But the United States is so wrapped up in its military prowess that it has lost a unique opportunity to bring the world together and in the process forge alliances with a vast majority of nations. Just giving foreign aid is quite different than really helping nations succeed. 

But the truth is, India is not western, nor is it close to China. And indecision will only set the people of India back. It needs to proceed on both levels, because that will help the nation prosper in the future. Yes there is risk, and India is hesitant to trust tariff man, or China But it may not always be that way. A return to free trade will increase world prosperity. 

Quartz India further analyses:

While in a Western-led order India cannot expect to enjoy more than a secondary role, China’s rise offers the exciting possibility of a genuinely multipolar—rather than merely multilateral—world where India can legitimately expect to become an autonomous centre of geopolitical power. In this scenario, global power would be shared between four or five major powers: America, Europe, Russia, China and, presumably, India. 

With over a billion people, and fast headed towards being the largest nation in the world, Indian leaders really have to take action and assume a leadership role in world affairs and economic growth. 





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