E Nigerian Stock Market Overview 2020

The CFD trading means that one party has to pay the other the difference between the current value of an asset and its value at contract time. This strategy is especially popular in forex trading. However, there are so many forex traders in Nigeria that sometimes it’s hard to choose the right one to maximize your profits. Many Nigerians were trying to figure out how to find the best forex brokers in Nigeria in order to have access not only to the rallying Naira currency pairs but also to the CFD options of most Nigerian companies on the market. Currently, it’s believed that there are three of the best company stocks in the country that are considered as the most favorable ones for traders and investors. 

Popular stocks to buy in Nigeria

One of the most popular stock companies is 11 Plc which is especially attractive for those who plan to buy petroleum products. Double One Plc is focused on marketing petroleum products, especially what they sell are gas and oil. There two leading segments are petroleum products and property business. Their retail outlets are located in more than 40 states of Nigeria which makes it more special for investors all over the world.

One more outstanding stock in Nigeria is Abbey Mortgage Bank (ABBEYBDS) which is a company that focuses on mortgage services and mainly on financial services. Besides, they also deal with real estate construction finance and provide financial advice. Abbey Mortgage Bank is especially attractive for those who are interested in finances and investors usually take great advantage of this stock because of their favorable profit rates. 

Another interesting stock share in Nigeria is Africa Prudential which is widely known under the name Africa Prudential Registrars Plc. This company operates as a share registration service provider in the technological capital market. The firm provides standard delivery for corporate organizations. Also, they provide share registration services as well both for public and private companies. Mainly they are focused on technological products and because of this many investors find this stock market as the right choice to invest in. 

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