Money Worse Than Debt

Today's mania market, today's Tulip bulb, today's South Sea company is the belief Fiat Money has any value at all.

Because the many warnings issued by Financial analysts fail to become reality in the short/medium term, people which want Immediate satisfaction rather believe the Propaganda sold by the Authorities through the Mainstream Media's and are becoming dangerously Complacent. Also Authorities are seen as almighty and the Herd becomes convinced they will come up with a decent solution....that is until we actually have a catharsis and/or a war.

Note: there are more and more indications pointing to the fact that WW III will be fought in the Middle-East but also in EUROPE!

The future for the West will be very bleak if our central planners continue to play games by manipulating major markets and selling lies through the mainstream media. Some day the can will hit the wall and it will be Game Over. Unless off course you are prepared.

Price goes up or comes down when Time is up and nobody believes it will.

debt bubble LT

In the mean time, many who are invested in Gold & Silver are unhappy and some start to doubt whether they made the right decision, disbelief is growing and some investors/traders start to liquidate or have liquidated their positions...The sector is being purified and is preparing for the next dramatic Bull run which will happen at some time in the near future.

The special ratio PF charts in the subscriber's sections clearly show the latest configuration for Gold expressed in the major currencies - as well for the Miners. The only thing we can't predict at this time is WHEN it will happen.

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Chris Kisnik 7 years ago Member's comment
Maybe this could be the best buying point for gold&silver