Millennials Need To Wake Up About Derivatives And The Cashless Society

Millennials need to wake up about the coming cashless society. The reason why is because they have not been thinking critically about how it will affect America, and because they are the victims of a media blitz claiming to speak for them. But the real danger to millennials and all Americans lies in the details of a coming cashless society.

Let's look at the media blitz, Millennials. I took a sample on the first page of Google, searching for the positive take on a cashless society. There are hundreds of similar articles.Damon Darlin wrote this NY Times piece:

Cashless Society? It's Already Coming

Mr. Darlin says he has been using Apple Pay, and that it will replace your wallet, but not all your credit cards. He goes on to say that young people think it strange to have more than 20 dollars, and so their behavior is resulting in the end of cash. He the fact that Millennials prefer debit cards instead of cash. He never mentions that the central banks want cash. He never mentions that the people who are most pushing for the end of cash are the bankers and their economists.

5 Payment Trends to Know About Millennials in 2015

This Mastercard article is quite disturbing, really. The essential points are: Millennials want a secure future so they want that thumbprint ID; Millennials call the fashion police every time they see a bulky wallet; Millennials are always on the go. So the author, Brittany Berliner, says that she simply has no reason to pay with cash. She also withholds information that the bankers and their economists are pushing for the end of cash and that millennials are ready to scrap cash for the very shallow reasons she gives, like the unsightly fashion error of a fat wallet.

Millennials Checked Out on Using Cash

Nerdwallet interviews some Millennials and one in particular is so excited that we are facing a cashless future that he believes people in the future won't even know what cash was. Of course, neither the author of the article nor the interviewees discussed for the record the banker and economist obsession with eliminating cash in order to offer interest rates.

Survey Shows Shift Towards Cashless Society Driven by Millennials

We know that many Millennials don't trust bankers and don't like being burdened by long term loans. They saw their parents burned by easy money loans. But this article, like all the others, does not make millennials aware that their bankers want this cashless society, you know, the same ones that wanted the housing bubble last decade.

Can We Ever Become a Cashless Society?

This author has an interesting take. He says we spend so much money on ATM fees, imagine what savings will befall us when cash is eliminated. Of course he is skeptical of the speed of change but others in the discussion speak about cashless societies appearing in the next 10 years. Again,there is nothing written here about the desire of bankers to charge negative interest rates and force you to spend or leave your money in the banks.

So, you millennials don't trust bankers? Well, what if you all migrate to digital currency and the banks charge a negative interest rate because core inflation is non-existent? And then they don't count food and gasoline in that core inflation metric and your real inflation goes through the roof? They could be taking interest from your captive digital accounts in the cashless society while you feel the pinch of real rising costs in your budget. Without wage inflation, meaning raises, asset inflation acts as a tax on your ability to spend and pay your bills.

Now how will you millennials feel about the cashless society? And what if you are in a pinch for cash and your account is on hold because you couldn't make an automatic payment, and you don't have access to cash? These questions must be asked and more people need to know why they need to be asked and what the answers are. The answer is that you could fall off the digital grid, and if you do, you face dire and possibly life threatening consequences.

So, millennials, where are we in the process? The Fed helped create three financial traps:

One is that the banks mostly take the low floating side of the swaps (insurance) they issue when they lend money. This makes low interest rates necessary to the big banks' bottom lines.

Two is that the demand for treasury bonds is artificially high because of the need to protect those derivatives with collateral. The bonds are in massive demand for collateral as derivatives grow. This is forcing the negative interest rate direction and is forcing a cashless society.

Three is that banks get interest paid to them by the Fed on excess reserves they hold. This 'zombifies' the banks and they don't lend into the real society. An article from the New York Fed warned about this third point way back in 2012. This lack of lending is deflationary in and of itself.

So, we are at the cash hoarding process, or close to it. We are entering a possible negative interest regime, where the financial system will see banks wiped out of deposits as many people take them elsewhere or home to a rodent proof safe. The talk of the cashless society is accelerating, right this moment. There could be shortages of cash if the banks do not create more. The solution of the globalists to these potential problems is a cashless society.

You won't see these things being discussed in your millennial-targeted, feel-good articles about a cashless society. But remember, you were the guys who grew up seeing what the financial system can do when it wants to be predatory. And how better to exert predatory behavior over you than to require that you spend or pay interest?

Disclosure: I am not an investment counselor nor am I an attorney so my views are not to be considered investment advice.

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