Make The UK Economy Great Again

Investing in stocks not traded in our own country requires us to assess the foreign country’s rules and laws that govern its political and economic systems.

And, once you have a firm grasp of their economic and political systems, an event like Brexit will come along creating clouds of uncertainty among investors, which we can profit off.

We’ll discuss the situation in the UK regarding Brexit, as a prime example. Because of the mainstream media’s pro EU bias and constantly producing news stories predicting doom and gloom for the UK economy – hence why they’re called Remoaners – has caused a lack of public confidence in the UK.

After reading, watching and listening to the mainstream media you’d be left thinking that the UK economy will falter and become a third world country, if no deal is reached and a “Hard Exit” occurs on the 29th of March, 2019.

It is precisely in these conditions of great uncertainty when great investment opportunities present themselves, due to the herd instincts of investors at the sight of bad news.


Negative Brexit coverage is impacting public confidence – especially spending – for example, H&M had 60% off sales the week leading up to Christmas, but these large sales are normally reserved for Boxing Day.

And, it as further reported in The Australian newspaper, the last survey by the [UK] Institute of Directors, shows business leaders’ confidence in the British economy has slumped to “trepidation”, its lowest level in more than 18 months!

This is due to the expected costs of Brexit after March 29th.

But I’m not convinced that it will be all doom and gloom for the UK economy, even if no deal is made before the 29th of March, and I expect it will thrive.

Let’s look at trade.

The UK’s largest trading partner is the EU as a block.

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And having an EU membership reduces trade costs in the form of;

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Disclaimer: This article represents the opinions of Mr. Parris. Mr. Parris is not a licensed investment advisor. Mr. Parris may hold either long or short positions in securities of various companies ...

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