E Is The USA Too Weak To Let China Succeed?


One wonders why the United States has such a fear of China. It is always couched in the realm of technology and that will be a collateral fallout as discussed down the article. But really, it could be energy that is the root of the fear. And that is too bad, since there are ways to increase energy and all humans should have the capacity to better themselves. Keeping China down, a nation that has low tariffs for a developing nation, is just born of fear of American weakness.

We now are in a situation where we will not cooperate with China, but instead create a new economic cold war. History has proven time and again this cannot work to create prosperity or safety.

People say that it worked on Russia. But did it? The cold war dispersed the Soviet empire, but it didn't stop Russia's ability to destroy the world as we can destroy the world. What is the point of having a cold war with China? I don't agree with all his views, but Jeffrey Sachs says we must redefine ourselves and shun this rogue nation path we are on. 

As Fred Kempe at CNBC points out:


The administration's clearest and most comprehensive broadside on China yet followed what one official called "thousands of hours" of study and planning. It will involve agencies across the U.S. government, from the Pentagon to the U.S. Trade Representative. The consequences will be both immediate and potentially generational for global economic and security matters.

It is amazing that Wall Street, retail small investors and others have ignored warnings from others and myself that Trump is not a deal maker when it comes to China, that he likely wants to punish our biggest creditor long term. 

Kempe says:


Senior officials in Beijing have increasingly worried that President Donald Trump, with his new tariffs on more than $200 billion of Chinese imports, wasn't just acting as a deal-maker seeking greater leverage for market openings. They suspected a shift was afoot in Washington to more fundamentally address the Chinese challenge.

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Gary Anderson 4 months ago Author's comment

I appreciate your wise comments, Trader and Norman. It just smells like war fever. It was established before Trump, but the hope of world cooperation is being destroyed by an arrogant nation with less than 5 percent of the population. I grew up with Ike and JFK. Even Reagan had a hope for world peace. We have never been more arrogant and dangerous as a nation as we are now. Hillary would have pushed this arrogance in another direction perhaps. But we are not acting in our own self interest, imo. We are not striving for a Westphalia peace. We are striving for world domination and fascism.

William K. 4 months ago Member's comment

I would assert that the author has cause and symptom reversed. A decrease in production causes a drop in energy consumption. Machines are switched off because of reduced production requirements. It does not work the other way.

Gary Anderson 4 months ago Author's comment

As long as you have affordable energy that is true. The Bannon/Trump theory is that there is finite energy and we must guard it. They want to guard it by a fascistic separation of cultures. Push the Muslims over there. Push the Chinese over there. Isolate the them. I am wondering when they will add blacks and Jews and Hispanics, and isolate them as well. This is not the America I am familiar with and I hope it goes away soon.

PreferredStockTrader 4 months ago Contributor's comment

I generally agree about your critique of the USA, but it started long before Trump. The U.S. empire now contains over 900 military bases around the world in 70% of the countries. U.S. foreign policy is controlled by the war profiteers who have bought off the politicians and promise and provide cooperative generals with high paying jobs after they leave military service. Obama/Hillary focused on destroying Russia, Syria and Libya while Trump has simply switched focus to Iran, Venezuela and China although the military industrial complex (and their friends in the media and intelligence agencies) will not allow him to better relations with Russia. The U.S. needs to demonize foreign countries to create a justification for a huge military budget when in fact none of these countries are threatening us. As bad as Trump is, it is a mistake to put this all on him. Obama dropped more bombs than Bush and spread the U.S. wars from 2 to several - adding Yemen, Syria, Libya while drone bombing other countries as well. Yes, it seems the U.S. would rather take down the whole world than let countries develop and improve the lives of their people.

Norman Mogil 4 months ago Contributor's comment

Ironically, by putting up a tariff wall discourages efficiency improvement in the US and just opposite effect in forcing China to be more competitive. Making China great?

William K. 4 months ago Member's comment

Indeed! Also, putting up a tariff wall instead of negotiating indicates a lack of ability to consider secondary results of ones actions. As we know, secondary results are usually very important to consider prior to taking action. In this case, the general public suffers while that top 1% seems to benefit, at least for the short term.