EURUSD Day Trading Strategy Review For March: +76R Potential, Minus Commissions

This is how the EURUSD day trading strategies I use performed during the month of March. I only trade for approximately two hours each day, so these results are for the period between roughly 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. EST, during the London and New York overlap period. I trade using a one-minute chart.

The results are broken down based on the potential for each strategy. Executing every trade perfectly is not an easy task, so actual trading results will typically be lower. The goal is to continually progress and trade the strategies as well as possible. Once we are trading a strategy very well, then more strategies can be added to the trading plan to further boost returns.

I use a 2.5:1 reward to risk on every trade. I exit early for high-impact news announcements or if another valid signal develops in the opposite direction while I am in a trade. I also may exit early if it is pre-planned before the trade because of certain market conditions.

EURUSD Day Trading Strategy Profit Potential For Month of March

Before we can tally up March, here are the quick results for the last three days of month, March 29 to 31.

  • Potential: +5.99R.
  • DP: +3.6R.
  • RT/RB +2.39R.
  • Win 5 / 8 trades.

The following chart breaks down profit potential by week. These numbers come from actual trades, as well as missed trades that should have been taken and trades that were taken that shouldn’t have been (didn’t align with the strategies).

March 1-5 Potential Profit +11.74R  
March 8-12 Potential Profit +22.28R  
March 15-19 Potential Profit +27.51R  
March 22-26 Potential Profit +9.1R  
March 29-31 Potential Profit +5.99R  
March Total Profit Potential   76.62R (less commissions)
Average Profit Per Day 23 days 3.3R/Day
Average Trades Per Day 57 trades 2.48 Trades/Day
March Win Rate for Strategies 41/57 72%; this is really high.
Usually closer to 50%
March Average Reward:Risk   Near 2.5:1.
1 2
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