Brexit Train Wreck Being Exposed - Theresa May Is Unfit For Office

As we approach the Brexit day deadline of March 29th, it is now clear that Theresa May is trying to blackmail parliament into accepting her deal or risk a "no deal" Brexit. It is clear for everyone to see that she is running down the clock to try and force her deal through Parliament.

However, it is clear that Parliament is not at all happy with her Withdrawal Agreement which is loathed by Brexiteers and Remainers alike and was defeated by a record 230 votes. So to try and say it is "my deal or no deal" is not an honorable thing to do. As we get closer to Brexit day it is clear that neither business or road hauliers are prepared for a no deal Bexit, no one even knows the UK WTO tariff structure in the event of no deal. Nissan is canceling its X trailer plans in Sunderland, the head of Airbus is clearly stating that its investment in the UK is under severe threat, business and consumer confidence is plummeting along with investment plans and consumers are reluctant to spend as they are fearful of losing their jobs.

Theresa May has caused all of this by her incompetence in drawing red lines about leaving the customs union, leaving the single market and ruling out accepting rulings of the European Court of Justice. She is responsible for the crappy deal she has negotiated. She has tried at every step to bypass parliament and prevent the publication of damaging documents. She has continually tried to stop parliament having a meaningful vote. She has appointed an awful team of negotiators and Brexit ministers. In my opinion, she is not fit for any office of state let alone the post of Prime Minister. A country's future should not be determined by the narrow-minded views of a single individual. She should do the decent thing and resign, if she continues to blackmail Parliament then Parliament must take the step of passing a motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister and eject her from number 10.

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