At The LD Micro Conference; Powell Good (for Now) While Tories Destroy Labor In Britain

‘Character is the firm and seasoned substance of the soul.’ Major General Joshua Chamberlain

Describing What Character Is

Character Matters

Evaluating and measuring leadership if often viewed as the key to investing, speculating, wagering, and other areas related to financial outcomes (here is a nice article from Forbes about the different aspects of character). Academics research and write journals about the various measures of successful leadership. Business schools offer, and sometimes even mandate, a curriculum which studies different scenarios and case studies to learn from historical examples of great or poor business results. Practitioners can study the past to understand the different philosophies and theories about leadership, but there is nothing like real world experience to indoctrinate you as to the importance of those at the top. In that light, let’s take a look at few personal observations to see if we can learn more about this crucial area.

About twenty years ago, a company called Enron was placed on the cover of Fortune magazine as a top company in the energy industry. The CEO of the company had an impressive pedigree in that he was the head of the class at Harvard Business School. Another executive who ran the pipeline division was ignored by the leadership and ultimately left to start his own company. The divergent paths of the two men prove interesting. The CEO ultimately wound up bankrupting the company and wound up going to prison and the Chairman of the Board would also be indicted but wound up dying from a heart attack while learning about his fate. The ignored executive, Richard Kinder, wound up starting a company that would buy pipeline assets all over the United States which would result in Kinder Morgan, today a company with great assets. You are probably familiar with some of this story, so not much is new here, but let me mention a personal anecdote from last week at the LD Micro Conference (an invite only affair).

Character of People-

What is Good Character?

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