E Fox Business News Tobak Continues Media Blitz Against Millennials

Steve Tobak, noted technology writer, has piled on the media bandwagon bashing millennials. His is one of the most offensive articles yet. He calls millennials "special little snowflakes" and "entitled narcissistic brats" in a way that sounds as if he wants to not call them those names, but hold them accountable as individuals.

If Tobak wanted them held accountable as individuals, instead of insulting them, why did he have to call them those names first? 

And he doesn't go into detail about how their parents are coddling them. Perhaps he wants them to build a nest, haul their children up into that nest, and boot them out. They live at home because wages are not keeping pace with real estate. That is coddling? No, Steve, that is survival. Just kidding about the nest thing.

Steve Tobak fears that millennials are not pulling their own weight. And maybe they are not. But who shaped them Steve? The bankers and their bad loans, and the elusiveness of the American dream for their parents, have shaped them, Steve. Many of their parents failed, while trusting the financial sector.

The cost of living and diminished wages, as the Fed destroys the stickiness of wages, have put millennials in survival mode.

So, when we see them not adding to aggregate GDP, Steve, we can't place the blame entirely on the millennials. Most of the problem rests with the financial system that cannot be trusted. Yes, it could end up hurting the entire nation for millennials to fail to rise up, as entrepreneurs. But you need to call out the greedy financiers, starting with the Fed, Steve. The conspiracy to diminish wages is hardly without proof.

If some of the millennials drive for Uber or Lyft, that is a good thing, Steve. And you, sir, certainly get paid for contributing poor quality online content (at least in the article in review), so why can't they do the same?

And readers, what gets me most about Tobak's article, is that we know small and medium businesses create most of the jobs. Climbing up the corporate ladder, which is what Tobak wants from millennials, is not so easy, as those jobs with large corporations are hard to find.

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Disclosure: I am not an investment counselor nor am I an attorney so my views are not to be considered investment advice.

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