Understanding The Buzz About BUZZ

This doesn't make BUZZ wrong. It doesn't make Wood wrong. Either or both could be right or wrong but this is still speculative behavior that we've seen in countless other stock market cycles. The argument that there is now a bubble is less clear to me than the idea of a mania, a speculative mania, but that would be a distinction without a difference if the market cuts in half. I am not trying to predict that sort of decline for stocks but it is important to understand the waters we currently swimming in. Extreme speculation happens closer to tops than bottoms.

I'm not a big fan of chasing the sort of immediate heat of things like meme stocks. Resisting the temptation of immediate heat can be difficult but if you're participation in markets focuses on a successful long term outcome without wanting to make a full time job out of your portfolio then seeking to add volatility becomes emotionally counterproductive and probably financially counterproductive too. I've come to have more appreciation for ergodicity, letting the market work for you and ergodicity will come into greater play the next time the market crashes, make no mistake there will be a next time at some point, and then recovers to a new high. If you want more volatility for your portfolio than whatever the market gives then BUZZ and ARKK have high potential for that outcome.

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