Gold And Silver Provide An Entry Point For The Few That Will Take It

So, I got a few people mad at me over the past ten days. Last week on Monday I enjoyed seeing silver gap up on the Reddit “short squeeze” talk, but I also expressed doubt that a short-squeeze was really going to happen – I even showed that there wasn’t even a big short position to even squeeze.

Reddit and Gamestop fans, or cheerleaders, went in a rage on Facebook comments for my disbelief in their victim narrative in response to some interviews I did, while a few silver bugs got upset at me for not believing that silver is manipulated by shorts.

I do not know a single person obsessed with manipulations that is successful at trading or investing. NOT ONE; and I have been doing this for over twenty years now. This tends to be a loser’s attitude where one that uses the issue of manipulation to explain to themselves why they are failures in the markets – the real reason is usually they are pure gamblers with zero strategy and zero willingness to learn one.

I personally made ZERO trades in response to the Reddit story or silver’s gap up. I own silver, gold, and mining stocks not because I believe there is going to be a short-squeeze, but because I think they are all going to be good investments for the next several years.

This is why you buy stocks.

AMC is now the number one most owned stock by the most number of people on Robinhood in hopes of another short squeeze play.

I am done with Robinhood traders so I put in my final word about Reddit and Gamestop in this Friday post. Becoming a part of a Reddit herd does not look like to much fun to me and by the way, it is designed Robinhood to encourage herd behavior among its users.

THAT is its real scandal, not the fact that it had to limit trading because so many of its users are on margin buying into short squeeze tops. There are coming Congressional hearings into Gamestop and Robinhood. This REAL scandal is what they need to look into, otherwise, they will be engaging in a smokescreen, giving the crowd only what they want to hear and not what is good for them. It is time for people to be tough and mean on what is going on because so many are going to wipe out when the game is over.

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