Where Do We Go From Here? Economic Analysis For Remainder Of FY2020

While grossly overused, the analogy of a drug addict is a very good one. Eventually, the addict needs a fix just to feel normal. And so goes the global economy. If the stimulus is scaled back, the economy goes into withdrawal. The US economy is around 70% consumption and has been that way for nearly two decades now. This is not just a national or government problem. It transcends all layers of the economy. Even successful companies loaded up on cheap, low interest rate debt to conduct share buybacks, thus pushing stock prices higher.

Where do we go from here?

Even before the new year began, countries and companies outside the US were cutting deals outside the dollar. The dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency was being challenged. Expect that to continue – and accelerate. There won’t be a pronouncement that the dollar is no longer the world’s reserve currency. It likely will not be a headline. It’s been happening incrementally for years now. This latest fiscal quagmire will accelerate the matter. China is testing a digital currency. Russia has thousands of tons of gold. These countries don’t get along with America and Europe on a good day. The Russians already dumped nearly all of their US Government debt, but the Chinese still have a significant amount around $1 trillion.

Treasury Secy. Steve Mnuchin claims all that debt doesn’t give China any leverage on America. We’ll allow you to draw your own conclusions.

A global reshuffling of the economic order was already taking place before 2020 started. Europe endured a partial crisis over excess debt and the austerity that followed. And all of that was just a small piece of the problem. Economic history is replete with examples of complacent countries and empires who thought it could never happen to them. Complacency might just be the most dangerous state of mind that man can occupy. We are quite sure the Romans would agree.

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