Where Do We Go From Here? Economic Analysis For Remainder Of FY2020

Geopolitical tensions were high with the sanctioned assassination of a prominent Iranian general within the first few days of 2020 and the failed ongoing ouster of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro at the forefront. Add to that an ongoing trade war/war of words/saber-rattling between Washington and Beijing as well as a good deal of ill-rhetoric between Washington and Moscow. That’s just a small sampling.

With nearly all of the first world nations running persistent current account deficits and the rest of the economic superstructure living heavily on debt and financial speculation, it was only a matter of time. Would it be a pin that popped the ‘everything bubble’ or would it simply just slowly deflate (not to be confused with monetary deflation)?

So pervasive was and is the presence of debt in the circumstance of nations, states, trading blocs, provinces, municipalities, companies, and individuals that the trillions of dollars racked up by the US alone was not even viewed askance by economists OUTSIDE what would be considered the mainstream of the scientific economics community. Keynesianism was like a high-quality dime store pinata. Now matter how hard it was hit, it just kept spitting out candy.

We mentioned in My Two Cents on several occasions that this whole ‘system’, if you will, would go until it didn’t. It was a confidence game, just like the multitude of fiat currency regimes that backed it in the various corners of global commerce. As long as economic actors had ample supply of tokens (currencies), and another economic actor would accept those tokens in exchange for scarce land, labor, capital, and technology, the system worked.

Then the world got sick

There has been much talk of ‘black swan’ events. The term was coined by a current events/geopolitics author Nassim Taleb. The black swan is something that nobody is looking or planning for. It is not on the radar. Period. There have been some who have been talking about pandemics in general for quite some time now in a similar fashion to your authors considering the likelihood of economic fallout from the fact that the organized world has violated every law of economics imaginable. There’s always a reckoning day.

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