The Sky Is Not Falling As The Left States

Life expectancy is up (except for white males who continue to commit suicide and black men who continue to kill one another) as child mortality is down significantly, as is the number of people without an improved drinking water source. Deaths from war and genocide are down significantly and so is crime within the US. The only exception is within a few cities including the 187 years of Democratic rule in Chicago and their ignorant populace that STILL believes the party of big government will protect and save them. The number of deaths from natural disasters has plummeted as well, over 90% in the last hundred years. Death rates from air pollution are down significantly in the last 25 years.

The quantity of ALL resources consumed per person including extraction of commodities including metals, minerals and fossil fuels has fallen from 12.5 tones in 2000 to 8.5 tones in 2017. That is a faster decline than the increase in the number of people, so it means fewer resources are being consumed by more people. Our vehicles fuel efficiency has also improved from 7 mpg. to 49 mpg., an improvement of 600%. In fact, we have seen consumption of many basic commodities begin to fall over the last 10 to 20 years. 

Could we do with less, certainly?Could we choose to live simpler lives even minimalist lifestyles?Certainly, and many are considering and even moving in that direction.But eliminating Carbon Dioxide, the most basic building block of all human beings, is the most ridiculous mandate the Left that has ever formulated postulated by the money motivated elites. We are already seeing communities in Colorado commit to the same failed projects that communities in Europe have given up on as we have seen in Germany.An effort to be 100% green here in the US and other progressive nations in order to protect the earth and its inhabitants will but completely destroy other third world countries to acquire the necessary commodities as we strip mine and extract all of these materials from already impoverished and exploited nations and from people that we purport to care about. People need to ask themselves, who benefits monetarily from this idea?Only then can the many discover the clear purpose of such a mandate.The populace is being shamed into the support of projects that are impossible to attain, projects that will damage the earth and kill many while only a few benefit, namely the Globalist criminal politicians, bankers and corporations that manipulate the masses with their propaganda in order to control and grow their personal coffers.Educate yourself and get out of their fake paper while you protect your family with real assets!

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Ayelet Wolf 1 year ago Member's comment

Clearly you are a fan of #Trump. Tell me, are you still supportive even after how poorly he handled the #Covid19 crisis?