The Sky Is Not Falling As The Left States

Yes, our oceans are being destroyed by unregulated pollution, plastics are invading our bodies and our water is seriously not potable BUT we are developing and have developed technologies to correct some of these BIG problems.

Personally, I am grateful that I was able to assist my husband and father-in-law over the past two and a half years as he fought lymphoma. Today cancer can be prevented and is being treated successfully as the American Cancer Society reports the largest ever one year drop in the US cancer death rate, driven mainly by lower lung cancer mortality.Better diagnostic tools are available today as are new drugs and better surgical techniques. Treatment for brain tumors, pancreatic and recently colo-rectal cancer are available, as are protocols for the dreaded late stage melanoma whose five year survival rate is now 52% and ten times better than it was a decade ago. 

My father in law (E.E.), brother & son (M.E.), all engineers report that our air quality has dramatically improved in all areas of the US and Europe. Actually most of the developed world and much of the developing world's air quality has resulted in a 50% drop in sulfur emissions, an improvement, despite dramatic population and GDP growth over the past 50 years. All ratherstunning when you think about it while the media keeps reporting horror stories that the world will end unless we accept the Green Deal as they tout their new little, feel sorry for me mouthpiece, poor exploited and used Greta. 

Nuclear power plants are much safer today if not placed on natural fault lines, and there is clean coal and technologies to remove dangerous particulates but the purposed mandates for all wind and solar power is certainly NOT the answer if the sun decides not to shine or the wind blow.If you really believe your media and that they report the truth just view this TEDS talk by deceased Swedish scientist Hans Rosling aptly named,"How Not to Be Ignorant About the World."

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Clearly you are a fan of #Trump. Tell me, are you still supportive even after how poorly he handled the #Covid19 crisis?