The News About Fake News Is Fake

Remember, the article’s headline is “Why Republican Baby Boomers Are More Likely To Share #Fakenews On Facebook”. And then it does absolutely nothing to make that point, but instead goes a very long way to proving that ALL baby boomers do that. Either one of which, first of all, you don’t prove by talking 20 people out of a sample of 3,500, but moreover, secondly, your entire article -strongly- appears to deny.

And do we know what fake news is now, are we any closer to that? Not that I can see. And there’s no way I can say it all in one go, so I’ll get back to this topic. But not before thanking Robert Mueller for defining fake news in his own way. It must have cost him, and the FBI and DOJ, some genuine heartache, but in the end he couldn’t let the entire avalanche of media and Democrats run with such an overtly fake piece of ‘news’. There were calls for Congressional investigations based on it, for crying out loud.

Speaking of which, crying out loud might be what you expect BuzzFeed to do now, but don’t count on it: they got a ton of free publicity, and that’s all the entire fake news cycle has been based on from the start. And if it didn’t kill the New York Times or CNN, why would it kill BuzzFeed? It’s a growth industry. And credibility is overrated.

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Gary Anderson 6 months ago Contributor's comment

Fascinating. But things are muddled by history. So, people of both parties know that some conspiracies are proven. What was tin foil yesterday could be true today. Take the case of COINTELPRO, the effort by the FBI to infiltrate and turn violent the peace movement in the 60's. It was not taken seriously until some brave souls raided an FBI office and found the plan on the premises! Even the courts sided with the raiders, not the FBI. Then there are all the conspiracies and false flags not proven in court. Some may be true and some not and some we may never know at least in this life. JFK assassination, 9/11, Sandy Hook, Obama's place of birth, etc, etc. When the government could be lying, as in COINTELPRO, then determining what fake news is is not so simple anymore. You can't break into the FBI anymore, IMO. As for Trump, we have to wait for Mueller to sort it out. We know many of Trump's cronies have been convicted. If that migrates to Trump himself remains to be seen. Maybe just charging his son and son in law will be enough to unnerve POTUS, and the movie could continue on a different path if that happens. But we don't even know if that will happen. As of now, it is fake news. Down the road it may be real news.

Angry Old Lady 6 months ago Member's comment

Good article which highlights one of the problems with #fakenews - they don't really care if they get outed or not. As long as it generates pageviews, that's all they wanted.

Gary Anderson 6 months ago Contributor's comment

Yes, the economic benefits of fake news is massive. The left does it, but Fox News has lying written into its DNA. And it leads the ratings for the cult of Trump, continually.

Barry Hochhauser 6 months ago Member's comment

And even after fake news has been exposed as fake, countless people still believe it.