E The Lowdown Federal Reserve Bank

In my view, the Fed borders on the insincere, or rather, cynical behavior worthy of a sociopathic organization! A little countercyclicality in the fall of 2008 would not have hurt! But it was too much for the liquidating Fed to contemplate, and I think it just wanted to prune wages and drive people into treasury bonds. It will do so again and again if it thinks it has too, and much pain will result! 

I think that Professor Selgin has done a service to those of us who, on every educational level, try to understand the Fed and its motives. I believe the Federal Reserve Bank is manipulative and conspiracy oozes from its "hallowed" walls, both on the front end and back end of crises. Seasoned professionals are beginning to inch towards that view as well.

And the Fed knows it can get away with this dirty lowdown behavior because the American public for the most part only thinks about politics instead of about political economics. 

I know people in Nevada who committed suicide, left pets to suffer, left marriages, and the middle class was punched hard by the Great Recession. All for what? It was an attack on main street, plain and simple. It was an attack short of physical bombs but had, in many cases, horrible effects on families as if a bomb had struck. Just horrible.

In the meanwhile we are left with pure propaganda-like, or just ignorantly written articles like one by the Los Angeles Times where the author said the Fed took bold steps to boost the economy. Bold steps? Sorry, it wasn't that way at all. It never was meant to happen that way.

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