The Hannibal Trap Will Crush Global Wealth

Is the global investment world about to be caught in the Hannibal trap? 

Hannibal was considered as one of the greatest military tacticians and generals in history. He was a master of strategy and regularly led his enemies into excruciating defeats.

The trap that investors are now being led into has many similarities with Hannibal’s strategy in his victory over the Romans at Lake Trasimene in 217 BC.

Hannibal was a general and statesman from Carthage (now Tunisia) who successfully fought against the Romans in the Second Punic War.


In 218 BC Hannibal took his troupes, with cavalry and elephants, over the Alps and into Italy. Hannibal enticed the Roman Consul Flaminius, and his troupes, in 217 BC to follow him to Lake Trasimene in Umbria. The Romans followed Hannibal’s troupes into a narrow valley on the northern shores of the lake. When the Roman troupes were inside the valley, they were trapped. They had the Carthaginians ahead of them, the lake on their right and hills on their left.

What the Romans didn’t know was that Hannibal had hidden his light cavalry and part of his army up in the hills. So once the Romans were locked into the valley, they were attacked from both ends with nowhere to escape.

Over 15,000 Romans were killed and 10,000 captured in a catastrophic defeat.

So what has Hannibal got to do with the present world? Well, it is pretty obvious. It is all about being led into a fatal trap without even being aware.


As we are approaching the end of an economic era in the world, anything that can go wrong will. The Coronavirus certainly fits that picture, since it could not have hit the world at a worse moment. Whether Covid-19 was accidentally or deliberately created by humans or just a product of nature, we will never learn.

What we do know is that Covid was like putting a match to a timebomb. The timebomb being a global financial system which is about to explode.

Major businesses in retail, leisure, travel, airlines are closing by the day and most won’t open again. Globally, 100´s of thousands of small businesses have closed with devastating effects for their owners.

The coming depression will affect all levels of society.


At the top of the global wealth pyramid, we have the biggest wealth trap in history. These are the 2,200 billionaires in the world. In the last three years, their fortunes have swelled by a staggering 70% or $4.2 trillion. Their total wealth is now $10.2t.

These billionaires are likely to lose at least 90% of their wealth, in real terms, in the next 5-10 years. But not a single one of them expects this to happen or prepares for it.

As regards the number of millionaires in the world, the estimates vary between 13 and 46 million. Escalating house prices have clearly created a lot of extra millionaires.


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