The Full Text Of The "Phase One" US-China Trade Deal

Tech Transfer

  • The Parties affirm the importance of ensuring that the transfer of technology occurs on voluntary, market-based terms and recognize that forced technology transfer is a significant concern. The Parties further recognize the importance of undertaking steps to address these issues, in light of the profound impact of technology and technological change on the world economy.

Currency, Competitive Devaluation And Enforcement Mechanism

The text contains agreements not to engage in competitive devaluation, to respect one another’s monetary policy and to maintain transparency. Much of that, though, could probably have been inferred from what the U.S. Treasury said the other day in the FX report that saw it remove the tag of currency manipulator from China.

The big questions revolve around the enforcement mechanism. The FX section says points of contention can be referred to a new dispute resolution arrangement that’s being established by the agreement, and if that doesn’t work, the IMF can be called in.

  • 1. Issues related to exchange rate policy or transparency shall be referred by either the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury or the Governor of the People’s Bank of China to the Bilateral Evaluation and Dispute Resolution Arrangement established in Chapter 7 (Bilateral Evaluation and Dispute Resolution).
  • 2. If there is failure to arrive at a mutually satisfactory resolution under the Bilateral Evaluation and Dispute Resolution Arrangement, the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury or the Governor of the People’s Bank of China may also request that the IMF, consistent with its mandate: (a) undertake rigorous surveillance of the macroeconomic and exchange rate policies and data transparency and reporting policies of the requested Party; or (b) initiate formal consultations and provide input, as appropriate.”

The dispute arrangement itself is outlined in chapter 7, where some of the key sections appear to be as follows:

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