On The Soleimani Assassination

What was Trump thinking when he assassinated Iran’s top general Qassem Soleimani with a drone strike in Baghdad?

Obviously, he was involved in many plots to threaten Americans and our interests. U.S. General David Petraeus claimed this was a bigger event than taking out Bin Laden… But wouldn’t it also be an obvious declaration of war out of an acceleration that started with Trump’s backing out of the Iran Nuclear Treaty and putting heavy sanctions on the country?

Now the world awaits Iran’s imminent response, with Trump threatening the worst if they do. This could escalate fast.

One of the central points made in my book Zero Hour was that the world was having a backlash to globalization after having been thrust so close together by global trade and the internet. People naturally come into conflict most often over political, and, more so, religious ideologies and beliefs.

The best solution in this 250-Year Revolutionary Cycle we find ourselves in is that political boundaries and systems realign along religious and cultural lines so that people can be happier and more focused in their own ideologies while networking and trading in a more diverse, globalized world.

Where have the greatest conflicts been in the Middle East, which is the area of most intense turmoil since the 1970s? It has been in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. These are countries, especially Iraq, that have a very split populace of Sunni and Shia, and sometimes Kurd and Christian.

Here’s the map of Iraq from the book on page 64:

The southern side of Iraq, bordering Iran, is mostly Shia (as is the majority of the country at 60%); the middle is more Sunni (20% nationally); and the northern is more Kurd (17% nationally), with two smaller sectors clearly mixed.

I proposed that the best outcome here would be for the Kurd-dominated areas to merge with the Kurdish sectors of Turkey; the Shia-dominated area merge with Iran (or possibly as Iraq as an ally); and the rest become a Sunni country or merge with Syria which is Sunni dominant.

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