E Las Vegas Pandemic Disappeared. Trump Knew

An eyewitness working on the Strip proves this:

Over the past few weeks, after the U.S. government restricted travel from China in response to the growing coronavirus outbreak, she's noticed fewer tourists from Asia.
"I feel like there's been a little bit of a decrease,” McKimmey, 24, said as she worked near the Bellagio Fountains on Thursday.

Into March, as the virus exploded in China, only a little bit of a decrease in Chinese tourism to Las Vegas was noted. And yet, no explosion of hospital cases in Las Vegas. I am not painting Trump as the good guy. It just happens that something is wrong with the doomers' argument. And somehow Trump knew. As for Las Vegas, he was right! 

National Emergency

Donald Trump declared a national emergency and on that day he was very gloomy. My view is that he knows his hotels will be hit by the announcement as they cannot fill up without airlines flying.

I remember that before the announcement POTUS45 did not even want to ground seniors who could be at greater risk flying. Trump still believes the virus is weaker in the US and his hotels should still be full. There is evidence from the Las Vegas experience that he is right.

So What Is Going On?

The medical community has said that February 2nd was too soon for Trump to say the virus was weaker. Why was Trump so confident and why may he yet be proven at least partially correct?

One theory is that the virus could have been understood by our military, and so Mr. Trump had inside information from the United States military about the behavior of the virus. Someone with more knowledge than the CDC could have tipped Trump. I don't think his prediction was a result of flying blind with his own personal opinion. 

Virus weakness explains the crowds of Chinese and South Koreans visiting Los Angeles on to Las Vegas during the entire month of February, where there is currently no hospital crisis where there should be one. How come the doomers, the non-military medical community, are so wrong? Are they are being played by insiders? There are zero deaths from Covid-19 in Las Vegas. Except for Seattle, deaths are extremely low nationwide.

I have even heard from a trusted source familiar with Vegas hospitals about a local hospital group dropping requests for additional Covid-19 nurses! That is not what was expected.

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Gary Anderson 1 month ago Author's comment

Update 11: Las Vegas did not get Coronavirus from too many Chinese through the Chinese New Year. Our infections most likely came from the East Coast and NYC! The West Coast seems to have the pandemic under control although Las Vegas cases are still growing. The east coast and really, east of the Mississippi is at a critical time.

Caitlin Snow 1 month ago Member's comment

Sounds likely.

Gary Anderson 1 month ago Author's comment

Update 10: The FDA has just approved the malaria drug for treatment of Coronavirus. It is in short supply. Only take it from a physician!

Gary Anderson 1 month ago Author's comment

Update 9: NYC lacks medical equipment. With the hospitals filling, equipment becomes crucial for any effort to limit damage to victims. Trump is talking about opening the country by April 19th. Unless NYC and other hotspots are controlled, that date may be way too soon. Derivatives bets on Wall Street may be massive. But health must come first. Many of us underestimated the virus.

Angry Old Lady 1 month ago Member's comment

Did you see the report that came out today saying Trump has his highest approval rating right now at 49%? With most citing his handling of the pandemic for the positive rating? I'm baffled!

Gary Anderson 1 month ago Author's comment

If you have no job, no money and children you very well could want money more than safety. Trump has people thinking this war will be short and he will win it. You just can't expect much from Americans anymore.

Angry Old Lady 1 month ago Member's comment

Yes Gary, I think you hit the nail on the head there. The economy will affect everyone but most people will think that the Covid deaths will be other people. If millions end up dying, they may likely be wrong.

Gary Anderson 2 months ago Author's comment

Update 8: Because some hotspots like LA and NYC have failed to obtain adequate test kits, death rates and signs of overflowing hospitals are the only measures investors have to observe the direction of the virus. If the hotspots can be tamped down, the virus will present a decreased risk.

Gary Anderson 2 months ago Author's comment

Update 7: Fema is making NYC an emergency disaster zone. Unlike Las Vegas, hospital beds are filling up in that hotspot. Until these hotspots are contained, the virus remains a danger.

Gary Anderson 2 months ago Author's comment

Update 6: While Trump was not taking the spread of the virus seriously enough, Gavin Newsom is scaring people with talk of Marshall law and 25 million catching the virus.

Gary Anderson 2 months ago Author's comment

Update 5: Promising drug used for malaria could treat Coronavirus. Death rate is declining anyway. While I believe risk is declining, I wear a mask to grocery stores.

James B. Paxton 2 months ago Member's comment

4 to 6 weeks ago, I was confident Trump would win the election easily. Today I am convinced he will lose by a landslide. And 100% it will be because of how he handled the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gary Anderson 2 months ago Author's comment

It is hard to say. I would never vote for him, but if he gives out and showers workers with money, he stands a chance.

James B. Paxton 2 months ago Member's comment

That's a good point. But if some of these projections come true and millions die, it won't matter. Any one who lost a love one likely won't be bought off. And it's not like Trump is giving out money from his own pocket. It's the government's. The people would have gotten that no matter who was president.

Gary Anderson 2 months ago Author's comment

James, very high US death rates estimates are, in my opinion, overdone. Now, the financial package to workers may be too small. That could finish Trump.

Mad About Money 2 months ago Member's comment

The world is going to hell in a hand basket!

Gary Anderson 2 months ago Author's comment

That is a broad subject. Governments are forcing crowds into grocery stores. And banks. Stupid!

Gary Anderson 2 months ago Author's comment

Update 4: Lack of testing causes panic. No fan of Trump for not getting more testing. That failure undermines his reasonable argument that the death rate is very low in the USA.